I remember yet the giants of yore,Story teller
Who gave me bread in the days gone by;
Nine worlds I knew, the nine in the tree
With mighty roots beneath the mold.

Hard is it on earth, with mighty whoredom;
Axe-time, sword-time, shields are sundered,
Wind-time, wolf-time, ere the world falls;
Nor ever shall men each other spare

Fast move the sons of Mim, and fate
Is heard in the note of the Gjallarhorn;
Loud blows Heimdallr, the horn is aloft,
In fear quake all who on Hel-roads are.

Yggdrasil shakes, and shiver on high
The ancient limbs, and the giant is loose…

-excerpts from the Völuspá

Welcome to the World of Mitgaard!
A world of magic and wonder,
Where blue blades flash crimson under starlit mantle,
Where vile beasts prowl the hearts of mist-shrouded forest,
A world where heroes are needed as never before…..

Are you such a hero?….


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