Brother Pindor

Righteous smiter of heathens, and all-round awesome guy.


Level 1 Human(Viranir) Anointed Cleric of the One-God (Caregiver faction)
Neutral Good
Height: 6’1 Weight: 180 Hair colour: brown Eyes: blue
Right handed

Strength: 10/80% lift(lbs): 200 carry(lbs): 45 drag(lbs): 500
Intelligence: 15/13% attack mod: +2
Wisdom: 15/03% defense mod: +2 bonus spells: 1st, 3rd, 5th
Dexterity: 11/45% initiative mod: +2
Constitution: 13/34%
Looks: 13/04%
Charisma: 09/01% turning mod: -2

Honour: 12

Hit points: 28 (last roll: 5)
Threshold of pain: 6

Quirks & Flaws:
Foul mouthed, allergy (nuts)

staff, sling, mace, morning star, warhammer, two-handed warhammer, sheild, light; medium; heavy armour, labourer, maintenance

Talents & Racial Abilities:
Turn undead, immunity to fear (+1 bonus to allies saves vs. fear within 10ft), Caregiver (cast healing spells as if 1(one) level higher), divine lore, +3 skill points per level

Virannir (literate), Stormlandaire (literate)

Climbing/rappelling: 40%, Diplomacy: 25%, Observation: 50%, Religion: 72%, Literacy: 45%, Cooking/baking: 49%, Divine Lore: 61%, Botany: 26%, Gambling: 30%, Ancient History: 53%

Divine icon(Silver), mace, medium shield, ringmail, sling 24 bullets
Leather boots, trousers and tunic(wool), undershirt(linen), cloak(wool), leather belt, small leather belt pouch x2, pack(leather), wineskin(2 quarts), trail rations x10(days), mess kit, axe-hammer, woolen blanket, candles x120, miners lamp, lamp oil x6(pints)

Treasure and money:
47 sp, 1.5cp


Traveling from the southern lands, Brother Pindor champions the One-Gods more caring side to the masses, whilst proving that the God still wields his powers with an iron will. Not a man to contemplate the subtler aspects of his gods power, Pindor has always been a man who takes his faith to the masses with a healing hand, a loud word, and, when moved to anger, his strong right arm.

Pindor has quickly made a name for himself in the northern lands as a stalwart priest, always able to hold his own in a fight (a trait greatly valued amongst the stormlandaire) and able to spin a bawdry tale to make a sailor blush. Pindor has proven his love of drink many times as he is a reigning drinking champion amongst those in the know as well. This has lead many to secretly wonder if Pindor was quested by his superiors to bring faith to the Stormlandaire as a way of removing his bellicose self from the quieter church grounds to the south….

Brother Pindor

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