Virannir Mods

  • One free purchase of the Religion skill
  • Literacy in Virannir for Free

Social class (roll 1d6)
1: Slave – Free purchase of the Labour Proficiency
2-4: Citizen – one free purchase of a job skill of choice (subject to DM approval). Add 1d6x5 sp to starting cash.
5: Clergy – Outfit provided by the Church at no personnel cost. Must be of the Priest Class.
Additional free Religion skill purchase
6: Noblilty – Beginning money plus 100 +1d10x10 silver pieces (80% must be spent on beginning outfit). May purchase any Sword weapon proficiencies for 1/2 BP cost

Mittlander Mods

  • First two (2) purchases of Riding proficiency for free
  • May purchase Bow and Spear weapon proficiencies for 1/2 BP cost
  • May purchase the Advanced Sighting proficiency for 30 BP
  • May purchase Survival: Plains for 4 BP

Stormlandaire Mods

  • First purchase of Boating and Rope Use proficiencies are free
  • May purchase Survival: Mountains or Forest for 4 BP
  • May purchase the Tough Hide proficiency for 35 BP
  • May purchase the Fast Healing proficiency for 8 BP
  • Priests of the Stormlanders gain free proficiency with warhammers for free; as well as a free warhammer to starting outfit

Half-Elf Mods

Half-elves are more accepted among humans than elves, and where they grow up of course has an impact on what kind of person they are. They usually look like a human, but with slightly more tapered ears, and they also live a little longer than a normal human would.

As Elves except:

  • Ability adjustments are half that of normal
  • Native language is by the race that the character was reared by
  • +1 defense bonus
  • Does not count as size small in regards to hit points or knock backs
  • May not by less sleep for 50% BP cost

Half-Troll Mods

… the other, warped
in the shape of a man, moves beyond the pale
bigger than any man, an unnatural birth

Half-trolls usually grow up with humans, as the mother has been raped by a troll. Their appearance can be anything from an especially rough, big and muscular (and perhaps a bit ugly) human, to an obvious half-troll with an apperance that no human would have, yet they don’t look like a troll either. A half-troll lives a tough life, and he’s not really accepted by anyone other than perhaps his mother.

Ability adjustments

  • +4 Strength
  • +2 Constitution
  • -2 Charisma
  • -2 Looks
  • -2 Intelligence


  • One free purchase of the Intimidation skill
  • Size counts as Large for purposes of Hit Points and Knock backs
  • Low-Light Vision

Half-Troll Cons

  • -1 Initiative penalty
  • First purchase of the Literacy Skill cost double BP. Subsequent Skill purchases cost at normal BP cost
  • Armour and clothing costs are 10-20% more due to size alterations

Preferential Talent access
May purchase the following Talents at 50% BP cost

  • Fast Healing
  • Tough Hide
  • Illusion Resistant
  • Hit Point Bonus


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