Run now o’ proud, empty, hollow things that you are! Let this remind you why you once feared the dark

ElvesCapricious an cruel, fey and wild, unknown and valorous; the elves of Mitgaard are immortal creatures of their own nature. Great magicians and crafty woodsmen, they roam the wildlands of Mitgaard on errands for their courts, Kings, Queens, and Princes. A few choose life away from the endless politicing of their people and choose exile. Exiles live as nomads or in small remote hamlets, where they live a rough life as a part of the forest, and as it’s protectors against trolls and other evil beasts. All Elves are fair to behold. Pale skinned with fine aesthetically beautiful features and hair as fine as flax. They bear subtly slanted, almond shaped eyes of incredible depth. Tall and proud of bearing, indeed it is not uncommon for an elf to stand a full head taller than a man. They have a slim build which has led to the misconception that they are weak or fragile. In fact, the opposite is quite true, for elves are surprisingly strong, though not quite as robust as other the other races of the lands, they more than compensate for that with their lightning dexterity and amazing agility.

There are actually two separate factions of elves: The Illmalaina and the Korpikalla.

The Illmalaina can also be called “Light Elves”, and live in the wild parts of Mitgaard, in great glamoured towers and spires deep within hidden glades and glens. They are possessed of hair ranging from starry silver to light auburn with the majority tending towards blond hair, Which is worn long and free. Pale of skin, with shimmering eyes of pale blues, green, yellows and purples. They have very old traditions and are very wise, but they are also a very proud people who look down upon other races they perceive of less worth. The Illmalaina, and all elves actually, have been abandoned by their gods with whom they came to Mitgaard with; from distant shores. The Illmalaina are characterized by their search for an answer to why they were abandoned by the gods. Perhaps it was a punishment, or a test, or perhaps their gods are dead and gone…

When the Elves were abandoned by their gods, some decided to make their own destiny, and they named themselves Korpikalla, ‘of the dark’, or simply “Dark Elves”. They live in vast cities in the dark places of the land, below the earth and in mountain holds between night touched crevasse where day will never be seen. They have the deep blue-black hair of a ravens wing, and eyes to match. Silver eyes and albinos are not unheard of, and are seen as heralds of prophecy. They also bear paler skin than their ‘Light’ cousins. The Korpikalla are not afraid to give full expression to their own inner beast in their pursuit to vanquish the evils that plague the forests, which sort of disturbs the Illmalaina.

Though Story and legend state otherwise, the aims of the two races are not as cut and dry as their names imply. Light elves have been known to be complicit in the worst atrocities known, while the Dark elves have taken part in the greatest heroic actions throughout known history. It is the individual and courts that decide the course the Elves will take, not their namesakes. Common misconception though still states that Dark Elves are vicious, child eating monsters, and the Light Elves are paladins of the highest order; Nothing could be further from the truth!

Clothing and Style
Illmalaina tend to wear long capes or robes of bright colors over similar garb of gossamer silks and finely tooled leathers.
Korpikalla wear knotted leather and fur from beasts they have defeated, and even the bark from trees, and they often times wear capes of black feathers.
Imagery of both factions consist of nature and beasts. Fine detailing covers almost every inch of cloth or garment making each an absolute work of artistry; for what do the Elfinkind have if not time.

Finely crafted blades and bows of exotic make are the norm for the Elves. Armour is either light leathers or heavy scale and fine chain. Shields are rarely used but not unheard of. Outside of the courts and in the wilds, Elves are usually encountered in the lighter leathers for ease of movement; while at home or at war, they can be found in the heavier garments, where stealth is less of a concern.

All elves have been abandoned by their gods, so they worship none; though a rising trend of nature obeisance is becoming more and more prevalent.


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