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Mitgaard is an untamed world where nature is the lord of the land. Deep dark mist shrouded forests are home to trolls and mystical creatures. Great grandfather oaks stand vigil over moss-covered Rune-stones lying scattered here and there among the endless trees. Eyes constantly observe a wanderer’s steps and the landscape literally breathes magic and age. Trolls live here in the deeps; eating the unwary and leading them astray or simply ignoring them and going about their ways in equal measure. So too do cruel and capricious Elves cavort amongst the towering boughs. Their ways fey and unknown to mortal races.

Out on the roiling plains, the fog rolls in at night to mislead travelers. And even the smallest thing has its own story to tell, every little stone, every little creature. Ruins and relics from bygone eras can be found, hidden, by those with the fortitude or insanity to find them. Here can be found the Horselords and riders of the Folds. Pushing back the terrors of the old nights and valiantly riding into the red dawn. Along river streams and good tilled earth Half-Length men go about their lives; unconcerned with the comings and going of the outside world.

The snow-capped mountains rise like titans on the horizon and each peak contains more secrets forgotten by men than they will ever uncover. Below and under these towering monoliths to the gods, hammers and picks ring ceaselessly as the greedy Dwerrows delve ever further in their insatiable lust for metal and riches.

Upon the storm-racked maelstrom of the seas can be found the Stormlanders and men of Osthem; shouting defiance to the winds and praise to the gods. Ready to reave and war in the names of Othin and Storme. Hard men these.

To the east lies the great empire of the Virannir. Once would be conquerors of all the world for riches and slaves; now they do so to spread the word of the One True God. A land of knowledge and science. Of glittering white cities and despicable treachery. One day the Mad King will march to Take back what he perceives as his birthright, and on that day his steel shrouded legions will spread forth like a tide to wash away the old beliefs.

In the cosmology of the Stormlandaire there are ‘nine worlds’, each joined to the other by Yggdrasil, the world tree, with Asgard at its top. Chewing at its roots in Niflheim is Nidhogg, a serpent so vast it entwines the world. Asgard can be reached by the Bifrost, a rainbow bridge guarded by Heimdallr, a god who can see and hear for a thousand miles.

The nine are:

  • Ásgarðr (Asgard), the world of the Æsir.
  • Vanaheimr (Vanaheim), the world of the Vanir.
  • Mitgaarðr (Midgard), the world of Man.
  • Álfheimr (Alfheim), the world of Álfar (elves).
  • Jötunheimr (Jotunheim), the world of the Jotun (giants).
  • Svartálfaheimr (Svartalfheim), the world of the Dwarves.
  • Niflheimr (Niflheim), the primordial world of ice.
  • Muspellsheimr (Muspellheim), the primordial world of fire.
  • Helheimr, the world of the dead, overseen by Hel.

Each world also is home to creatures fantastic and mythic places within. Valhalla is Othin’s hall; in Asgard it dwells. It too is home of the Einherjar, the souls of the great warriors. These warriors were selected by the Valkyries at Othin’s bidding. There to dwell in the great halls amongst others till the End Times; where the Einherjar will battle alongside the gods; which may be sooner then they think…

Though these are but places in the myths an legends of the peoples of Mitgaard; the reality is that they are much nearer and real than can be imagined.

Here now are the tales of Heroes and Gods.
A sword age,
A wolf age,
Ere the world breaks….


Trudvang… sort of…

This is the world of Trudvang; or rather my interpretation of it with some other rpg’s thrown in for good measure. The setting of Trudvang is actually the concept of the last edition of the Swedish version of D&D, DoD 6, or Drakar och Demoner 6th ed: Dragons and Demons; and is the work of Riotminds studios.

Seeing as how neither myself nor my friends speak or read Swedish and I am far too lazy to translate several multiple hundred page books; We are basing this campaign mostly on the art of the Trudvang series and trying to keep the general atmosphere presented by the conceptual artists. Artists such as Paul Bonner and Per ‘Perkan’ Sjögren are the major influences on the game world and I would highly recommend looking them up. Also thanks to all who participated in the English translations on the Riotminds forums, this would not be possible without you.

Now onto the other things I’m throwing in there. Conan, Lord of the Rings, Artesia, my knowledge of the celtic and norse myths as well as good old fashioned imagination are the items of the day. So I hope you all enjoy.

If not well…this IS hackmaster….

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