LO, praise of the prowess of people-kings
of spear-armed Horselords, in days long sped,
we have heard, and what honor the Middle Men won!

The middle lands consist of alternating bucolic and rugged, rocky hills; with low lying scrub. A land of endless sky and plain. Few mountain ranges and forests break the pastoral beauty of the roiling landscape. It is here that the peoples of the Mittland make their lives and homes. These rugged outdoors people are born to the saddle and learn to ride before walk and thus while other peoples may be good or even excellent horsemen, the Mittlanders are sublime; melding man and beast into one creature. This practice has given them other names: the Horselords or simply the Rides of the Mark.

The people are broad of shoulder and fair of hair, ranging from spun gold to fiery red. Eyes of blue or brown are common, and green is considered lucky. Men and wemon wear their hair long to at least the shoulder and usually braided to some degree.

Great halls and steadfasts dot the high hills and mottes, with villages in the surrounding steppe and hamlets abutting the rivers and streams. The ancient fortress of Ymerhall is their ancestral redoubt. Built high in the Ymerfrost peaks; the Mittlanders flock here in times of great peril in search of safety. The Ymerhall has never fallen. From the grand Ritterhall, High King Eolred (pronounced Ole-Red) and his Thanes stand ever watchful over Drakskogen, the Drakes Forest, should the great beast Fafnir wake and bring the burning times once more to the lands of men.Stormlandaire

Mittland is divided into seven sub-kingdoms called folds. Each Fold is ruled by its own King, though all owe fealty to High King Eolred. There are the North, East, South and Western folds, as well as the lesser of the Snow Fold, Forest fold (the Drakskogen, and King Eolred’s Own), and the Sea Fold.

Clothing & Style
The primary colours of the Mittlanders are earth tones; greens and browns, yellows and oranges. Green though is the prevalent colour, with a deep emerald being the colour of the King and his house. As one might expect amongst people know for their horsemanship, equine imagery is the most common decoration. Minor secondary motifs of dragons and men also adorn homes, clothing, and shields. Wool is the primary material for wet seasons with linen for the warm seasons as the steppe experiences vast temperature extremes throughout the year. Blazing heat in the summer and numbing cold in the winter.

As horsemen the Horselords prefer light to medium armours such as leather scale hauberks and chain corselets with horsehair plumed nasal and face helms. Axes are preferred to swords while on horseback for the added leverage and stopping power. Lances and spears are seen as heroic weapons. Bowmanship is also seen as a honourable weapons as it can be fired on foot and while mounted; as such, the Mittlanders are also known as great archers and hunter with keen eyes.

The biggest religion here is Osttron. The people pray to no gods, but the religion is instead a mix of ancestral hero worship and nature spirits appeasement. They believe themselves to be descended from the hero Gyrfwyd (Gear-Fwid) the Young. A great archer and slayer of the the great drake, Baelgrymm.


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