Hearing I ask from the holy races,
From Ektor’s sons, both high and low;
Thou wilt, Valfather, that well I relate
Old tales I remember of men long ago

The West is a land of opposites. Alternatively the wettest and driest areas of Mitgaard. This landscape includes two great lakes, the Moon Glimmer and Mirrorshine; the largest inland lakes on the continent. It also contains three deserts: the great Western Expanse, the southern Wastes, and the Silver Run. This land at war with itself is home to a people also at war with its heritage and future.

Once a great race of brutal conquerors, The Virannir have, as a whole, embraced the religion of the One True god, Gave. Wars of conquest have given way to wars of religious conversion and empire building; The One is a jealous god, and brooks no other pagan ritual or religion. Theirs is a war of faith, and they will will because their god is on their side. Their Empire is made up of city states both in Mitgaard and across the oceans. Three Great sprawling cities, containing tens of thousands of peoples in them exist in the lands.

  • Ervidden: The great port city. It is here that the wealth of foreign goods enters the lands. Spices from the Eastern Emirates, gold trinkets from the dark savanahs of the South, and other works from beyond the monster infested seas. Richest of all the city states; it’s puppet prince, Erlen, lives a life of decadence and plenty out of the public eye, and the eye of his father, the King. He leaves the affairs of state and governing to be run by the myriad Merchant Princes that form the ‘League of 10,000’; arguably one of the most powerful and widespread organizations in the world.
  • Somber and menacing Erwhain: Birthplace of the monotheistic religion. Hundreds of competing cults vie for political dominance of the faith. The Vengeful One, the Merciful One, The True One; all are factions within the same faith, yet conflict erupts through the streets daily. The city is built within the hulled remains of the marble walls where the stone from which both the capital and port city were quarried. From these remains, a great white city has been literally carved from the landscape to creates dozens of temples and habitats.
  • Erkhast: Capital of the Virannir and jewel of their empire and home to the Mad King, Ektor, eighth of his name. Once this was the last home and refuge of the Virannir from the depredations of the Giantkin; until Ektor the liberator routed the beasts and smote their kingdoms to the earth. The great walled city has withstood the test of time and stood for eleven centuries since that time to become a vast center for learning and achievement. It is here that the most educated minds of the lands conglomerate to advance the sciences and knowledge of the world around them.

Also known as the Vesten or Godsmen.

Clothing & Style
Virannir clothing is a mix of somber earthy colour palettes on rough fabrics such as linen or wool for outer garments with bright, bold patterns and colours on rich imported sateens and silks for undergarments. The average Man or woman on the street would thus wear something to the effect of a rough shod, dark drab brown or black linen dress/robe/tunic tied at the waist with a rope or knotted leather belt, with breeches of the same colour and material, on top of bright sky blue light silken shift with clashing white and red patterns underneath. Almost every person among the Virannir have at least some small clothes of a richer fabric.

In war, the Virannir prefer high domed helms or large plumes in the ancient Romanni styles. Also becoming more and more common are great and strange crests bearing the shapes of beast and animal. Chain and scaled mail are more used than lighter leather because of the advanced metallurgy techniques learned amongst the outside world. Damascened and tempered steel are not unknown amongst the wealthier peoples of the West. It is also amongst the Vesten that Plated-mail is seen. Previously only the Dwerrows have had the metallurgical capabilities to make this armour, and they guarded the techniques jealously as they do in all things; yet somehow the Godsmen have figured out this riddle of the steel.

Swords, maces, crossbow and halberd are the weapons of the Virannir. A noble wields the sword, a weapon with no other purpose but war. A priest swings a mace or cudgel, symbols of the wrath of Gave. The Infantry and everyman utilize the baser weaponry of polearm and crossbow.

Nidendomen is the belief in the existence of the One True God, Gave and denies any other form or variety as a valid religion or worship practice. Curiously Nidedomen still includes concepts of a plurality of the divine; for example Gave has many faces such as the Merciful One, a healer of wounds and a uniter of men; the Vengeful One, a purely destructive force causing harm for the wrongs man has done; and the Hidden One, a purveyor of knowledge and science. Additionally, most sects teach Gave to be two natures (divine and once human), each possessing the full attributes of that nature, without mixture or intermingling of those attributes.


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